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We make a thermal spa - wine tasting - dental check up tour in the other part of Hungary. See the details and join to us: THERMAL SPA TOUR TO EGER

Kali basin is the heart of the Highland. There is no big hotels here, nor noisy places, just little villages with reedroof old houses.

Six villages, lots of animals in a peaceful valley. The climate here is submediterran - similar to Provence and Toscan - so rosemary gets flowers from early march. You can enjoy the tast of mandel, nut and grapes on the south side of the hills, with the Balaton under your shoes. Thyme, levandel and limegrass spices smells from the gardens.

Kali-Point gives you this land with all the facilities, you can imagine:
nice wines in deep cellars
nice village pubs beer around 1 euro
biking, horsing
sailing on the lake with beauty
hot water spa with wellness
excursions to historical ruins
Arrange you the accomodation as well. This house is for you (max 2 adult, and 2 children under 6) at 40E for a day (min 4 days), with adult and kid bicycles and a nice garden.

Write us desired time period, and we give you as many informations as you need. - tamas - 0036-20-9257375

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